A one-day, interactive course aimed at primary aged children to enable them to become ROCKET resilience champions within their schools.

The role of the group is to look at what the school already does to promote resilience, but also where the areas for improvement are regarding resilience, and how the resilience champions can improve on these. Throughout the course we make reference to Resilient Ralph – so for those schools who have received the ROAR Training, the ROCKET Course really compliments and works alongside ROAR, both of which have been developed by the MYA RAISE Team.



ROCKET stands for Resilient, Open, Caring, Kind, Equal, Togetherness.

When developing ROCKET, we consulted with primary schools in Liverpool to ensure the course would be useful and beneficial to the school, trialling the final course to these two schools which gained really positive feedback from both children and staff.

Who can ROCKET be delivered to?

The course can be delivered to up to 25 children in a full days training, or over a 5-week period. We recommend the course being delivered to year 5 and 6, but during the trial, there were some children from year 4 too, which also worked well.

You can target a specific year group or have a mix across year groups.

The course is split into five separate workshops:

  1. What is resilience?
  2. What is mental health?
  3. What makes a good resilience champion?
  4. Fuel for your ROCKET!
  5. ROCKET Den – launching the ROCKET in your school to become ROCKET resilience champions.