The Liverpool CAMHS Partnership continues to adapt as Coronavirus impacts our everyday lives. Our partners are working hard to ensure children, young people and families get the support they need during this time.

On this page, you will find details of the specific support available within schools.

For information about wider support CAMHS partners are offering, please visit the provider support page.

Being Back In School

Access resources to support settings in preparing and supporting pupils being back at school.

View June’s Primary School headteachers briefing for the LPHA steering group.

Download information about CAMHS school-facing mental health support available to the end of the 2020 Summer-term.


School Recovery Support

Primary School Support

The YPAS Seedlings team of 19 Children’s Psychological Therapists are currently delivering a Seedlings service to 109 Liverpool primary schools across the city.

  • Seedlings Project offers 1:1 creative therapies to Liverpool primary aged children. These include; Art, Drama, Play and talking therapies.
  • Seedlings Project supports children experiencing moderate emotional difficulties who may require multi-agency interventions.
  • Seedlings therapists offer a service to all Liverpool primary schools. Commissioned services can be delivered on a half-day or full-day provision per week.

Mental Health support teams provide direct support into schools, providing early intervention for children with low-level/emerging anxiety, low mood, phobias and related challenges. Support can be delivered through 1:1 sessions with one of our practitioners, group-work or work with parents/carers. The team also deliver workshops and assemblies, in partnership with other CAMHS services, around general wellbeing and resilience.

Virtual mental health support

Mental Health Support Teams

Where face to face access is not possible, MHSTs are able to work with children and parent/carers virtually using telephone or video calls. This service is accessed in the same way as face to face delivery. Schools can discuss this option with their MHST contact.

YPAS Seedlings

Joint parent/child online creative sessions can be accessed for those children who are not attending school temporarily due to self-isolating or any further school closures.

These sessions will be offered for children and families currently engaged with a Seedlings therapist as pre-arranged by the school in those circumstances only.


One-to-one mental health support

Mental Health Support Teams

We are currently working with schools and our staff to resume face to face delivery in schools. This service is accessed via the school’s mental health lead who will refer children to the service directly.

Liverpool schools are all linked to one of our mental health hubs and once reviewed referrals are assigned to their Mental Health Support Team. We have been training schools in order to roll-out the MHST model and are continuing to do in the Autumn term.

Any schools that are not yet aware of their mental health hub contact or who would like to speak to a senior practitioner from the team can do so using the consultation request form.

Referral contact details: 07908 207 612

YPAS Seedlings

With robust COVID–19 measures in place, Seedlings face to face therapies can be accessed in Liverpool Primary schools recommencing 7th September.

School Mental Health Leads and/or parent carer self-referrals can be sent to

Referral forms can be found on  alternatively contact 0151 707 1025 to speak to a member of the clinical admin team.


Secondary School Support

The YPAS Wellbeing Clinic is a service offered in all secondary schools in Liverpool. It runs for half a day each week during term time. Each school has a dedicated YPAS practitioner who meets with young people on a one-to-one basis.

The YPAS team of practitioners includes Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) workers and Children & Young People’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CYWPs).

The Wellbeing Clinic aims to give young people, who may not have received any help before, access to mental health and emotional wellbeing support, early on, in a way that is convenient.

The Wellbeing Clinic can offer support for a variety of difficulties, such as:

  • Worries and anxiety
  • Low mood and depression
  • Problems with sleep
  • Feelings of panic
  • Phobias
  • Understanding emotions
  • Managing stress

Virtual mental health support

Young Person’s Advisory Service Wellbeing Clinic 

This will be virtual via Zoom Health and agreed with the school and children, young people.

One-to-one mental health support

Young Person’s Advisory Service Wellbeing Clinic

What support is available:

  • Telephone support sessions will be offered at a negotiated time when they can speak in confidence
  • Psycho-social education
  • Coping strategies
  • Resilience building
  • Face-to-face interventions are on hold at this time.


YPAS Wellbeing Clinic referral contact details:

0151 702 6057

Who can make referrals?

Any secondary schools Wellbeing clinics

How can this support be accessed?

Telephone support and email (see contact details above).

Opening hours

9am-5pm Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm Friday

Alder Hey – Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) for schools

Referral contact details: 07908 207 612

Who can make referrals?

School staff who identify young people who experience low-level anxiety and low mood and teachers requiring consultation and discussion.

How can this support be accessed?

Phone and video consultations/sessions.

Opening hours


Liverpool Fresh CAMHS

A small number of school visits and home visits dependent on clinical need, risk assessment and agreement from school staff and families are available.

Most appointments are now offered through Attend Anywhere. Families will receive correspondence explaining how to access it.  Information also is available here

Neurodevelopmental Support

ADDvanced Solutions Community Network is offering:

  • Online learning workshops
  • 1:1 telephone advice and support
  • Online solution-focused drop-ins

Plus offer for families, view the Autumn half term newsletter showing offer for professionals and families, with links to join sessions.

Contact the office on 0151 486 1788 or email

ADHD Foundation is offering:

  • Face to face support for children and staff in schools within our school support package.
  • Open access parent skill-building support is being delivered virtually.
  • Any school training needs are being met both on-site and virtually as requested.

Face-to-face delivery

Open access face to face/virtual (as preferred) – Children & Young People’s Skill-Building groups.

Traded Services support Package to schools

Virtual delivery 

Open access Parent Skill Building Virtual Training:


Merseyside Youth Association has extended its range of bite-size training opportunities, delivered via Zoom.

View and book training here