ACE films and ACE resources

On this page, you can access a range of useful ACE films and ACE resources.

The RAISE team worked with young people across the Liverpool CAMHS partnership to come up with this ACE film. In conclusion, it captures real-life views on how ACEs can affect someone’s life, but more importantly, focusing on how accessing support really helped them. 

This ACE film below is a video developed by Public Health Network Cymru called ACEs.  Above all, this ACE film shows the effects ACEs and trauma can have on a child’s development, health and lifestyle.  In addition, it explains the cycle of generational ACEs. However is empathises that ACEs do not define you. This ACE film shows the importance of why work needs to happen to support young people who have experienced ACEs. 

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

This ACE film shows Olivia opening up about what life was like for her growing up with ACEs. In other words it shows how encouraging it was for her to get the support from professionals who gave her a voice. Above all, preventing the harmful effects ACEs can have on a child.

There are more films on Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Resources – Films section of the website