What are healthy and unhealthy relationships and how they can impact on us.

Different types of relationships

Signs to help spot CSE and how to report it.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Self Harm

Understanding what self-harm is and locating where to seek support.

Self Harm

I'm feeling depressed

Identifying symptoms associated with depression, locating where to seek support, and understanding what treatment might look like


Feeling Angry

Recognising signs and symptoms of anger, ideas for self-soothing, and where to seek support.

Feeling angry

I'm worried about school

Some of the reasons people might be worried about going to school and tips on overcoming worry.

Worried about school

I'm worried about meeting new people

Advice on how to meet new people, ways to overcome nerves and tips on communication.

Worried about meeting new people

I feel lonely

Why people might feel lonely and where to seek support.

Feeling Lonely

I think I'm being bullied

What are the different types of bullying and where to seek support.