2 October 2018

Celebrate Feel Good Friday – Liverpool Mental Health Festival With Us

Join members of the Liverpool CAMHS Partnership on the 12th October as we celebrate the Liverpool Mental Health Festival, organised by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium at Bluecoat.

27 September 2018

CAMHS users join young people’s vision for Liverpool

LIVERPOOL is bidding to join the Unicef Child-Friendly City programme – putting young people at the heart of everything it does.

The city council is to submit an application to the child rights organisation to work towards the status, to cement and further Liverpool’s work to ensure that children’s rights are reflected in the policies, programmes and budgets of it and partner organisations.

24 August 2018

Young adult carer set to pursue dream career in mental health

A young adult carer who has accessed support from CAMHS partner, Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers, is pursuing her dream career as a mental health nurse after securing a place at Bangor University.

20 August 2018

YPAS celebrating diversity in LGBTQ+ identities

On Saturday 28th July, Staff, young people and allies marched with, Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers, YPAS GYRO (LGBTQ+ Youth) and THE (Trans Health Education) Action Youth groups to celebrate the diversity in our LGBTQ+ identities.

22 July 2018

ADDvanced Solutions Summer Family Fun Activities

If you have a child with a neurodevelopmental condition, you’re invited to join ADDvanced Solutions Community Network for some fun summer family activities designed to meet their specific needs

20 July 2018

Liverpool Pride – Saturday 28th July

As part of the CAMHS partnership GYRO (LGBTQ+ Youth) and THE (Trans Health Education) Action Youth and staff from YPAS will be marching at Liverpool Pride on Saturday 28th July and celebrating after with music from DJ Dave Bolton and live performances from young people. There will also be some games, food and refreshments available.

20 July 2018

Parents Health and Wellbeing Group YPAS South Hub

Over the last 10 weeks, YPAS South Hub has been working alongside a local therapist, Paul Mc David, and The Community Health Ambassador Team. Delivering  Chi Gong, Mindfulness, tapping and meditation sessions, helping parents to learn more about themselves as a person not just a parent and partner, how to relax and different techniques to help them do that. They have been looking at reframing situations and looking to the future, including what they want to achieve in life.

20 July 2018

Parents Health Morning YPAS North Hub

On 11th July at YPAS North Hub, YPAS and The Community Health Ambassador Team worked together to organise a community health morning for parents. It was well attended, with all parents benefiting from gaining lots of information.