7 November 2019

Bullybusters wear odd socks for Anti-bullying Week

Bullybusters are inviting children and young people and their work colleagues to join them in wearing odd socks to celebrate Anti-Bullying week, which runs from the 11-15th November.

As Sherell Jenkins, one of the Bullybusters project worker explains, wearing odd socks is a celebration of the uniqueness of everyone:

 “Odd socks seem different but when you think about it, they both go on your feet and keep your feet warm. This applies to all of us, we all have things that make us individual but at the same time we have more in common than you think.”

The theme for this year’s Anti-bullying week is ‘Change Starts with Us’.  The team will be challenging the young people they work with to consider what changes they can make to make the lives of the people around them better – whether that is through a smile, holding a door open for someone or asking someone sitting on their own if they are ok.

The Bullybusters team, are part of the charity Local Solutions and work throughout the year delivering anti-bullying sessions to children, young people, parents and teachers across Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley.  Last year, they reached over 30,000 people through their sessions.

The team operate the free, confidential Bullybusters Helpline from 3-6pm every weekday where they provide support and advice to anyone affected by bullying or anyone concerned about a child or young person.   Bullybusters will work with everyone involved including the person accused of bullying.

This is Bullybusters’ 15th year of operation and their work is more relevant than ever with the growth in cyberbullying and challenges around social networking.

Please do wear your odd socks this week and sharing your pictures tagging in @bullybusters and #antibullyingweek2019 on twitter.