11 May 2015

HeadMeds giving information about medication

HeadMeds is a unique website about mental health medication for young people created by YoungMinds. Funded by Comic Relief and the Nominet Trust as part of Innovation Labs which has developed a range of digital projects to improve young people’s mental health.

HeadMeds provides you with accessible and useful information about mental health medication during a time which is often confusing, frightening and isolating.

It includes information about potential side effects, when you should go and get help, and provides answers to some of the difficult questions that you may have around your medication but may feel uncomfortable asking your GP, including ‘Will it affect my sex life?’ or ‘Can I drink with this medication?’.

Complete with real life stories and created side-by-side with young people, HeadMeds provides much needed, straight talk on mental health medication whenever you may need it.

Knowledge is power. HeadMeds provides comprehensive information about the bewildering world of medication so when you visit your  GP or health professional you are armed with more resources.