20 February 2018

Young Carers Launch Film: ‘You Can Help…’

You Can Help is a film which was made by a talented and inspirational group of young people from Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers, in collaboration with First Take. It was launched on Young Carers Awareness Day, and later shown at the Liverpool NOW Festival.

The aim of the film is to help school staff appreciate how very important they are to Young Carers, how they can help and how they can make an impact.

We are a really diverse group of young people from Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers aged from 8 to 21. We are from different cultures and backgrounds, with different experiences of education, but we have three things in common… caring for a parent, mental health and going to school. With the help of Lynne and Jane from First Take, and with the support of some very brave school staff, we made our film to help schools appreciate how very important they are to Young Carers, to let them know how they can help and to say that we know how good they can be!” 

The film will be going into schools across the City of Liverpool and beyond to raise awareness of how school staff can better identify and support young carers. It is shot through the eyes of young carers, drawing on real and lived experiences and focussed on the impact of caring on their educational experience. The underlying proposition the film presents is that all school staff can help make school a protective and positive learning environment and experience for young carers with better awareness and flexible whole family, whole system support. The frames are close up, personal and powerful, it achieves real impact.

Lynn Perry, Director of Children’s Services, Barnardo’s West Region, said:

“I am always humbled and impressed by young people who, in their own challenging circumstances, are able to look up and look out and selflessly think about how they can be involved in improving services for other young people now and into the future. This film will do exactly that in a school context and beyond and I hope the young people involved in its production are proud of this and the legacy they are laying down.”

You can watch the film here

The film has been part-funded by Liverpool Learning Partnership