How to access support for different levels of need


The windshield will be re-created as follows: 

Green – MYA Thriving

Yellow – MHST – Surviving 

Amber – YPAS – Struggling

Red – Alder Hey – Crisis

This image will sit at the top of the page and ideally each segment will allow clickable links to relevant sections of the page. SVG file – scalable

Video animation explaining the LoN? (needs creating) 


This level is for all children and young people and represents the basic level of mental health awareness and support strategies that all children and young people need for positive emotional wellbeing.





“I’m meeting my targets.”

“I have positive self-esteem.”

At this level of need children/young people will be showing early signs of distress that may be the start of an emerging mental health issue.  

Short-term interventions that build coping strategies are given to prevent these issues from developing – small changes to prevent bigger challenges.



“Xxx TBC”


Targeted support

  • Neurodevelopmental & levels of need – paragraph and link to ND support pages
  • Young carers & levels of need – paragraph and link to young carers support pages
  • SEN & levels of need – paragraph and link to SEN support pages
  • ACEs – paragraph and link to ACEs page

Insert Windsheilds – Primary & Sec