Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma (one full day: face to face)


10/01/2024 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Experiencing trauma can have long-lasting health and social consequences. Trauma often results from extreme or prolonged stress in childhood, commonly referred to as adverse childhood experiences or ACEs.

ACEs are common, in England almost half of adults have experienced at least one ACE and 10% have experienced four or more. ACEs provide a further impetus to build stronger children rather than mend broken adults. ACEs should not define anyone’s future.

Emerging evidence shows that ACE aware and trauma-informed organisations improve behaviour, learning, attainment and support happier and resilient children and young people. The course will build upon organisations understanding of resilience and person-centred approaches by reflecting on how they currently foster a nurturing environment for all children and young people.

This course will cover:

1: To improve our knowledge on the nature and extent of ACEs

2: To understand how trauma can have profound effects on learning, behaviours, emotions and lifelong opportunities

3: To improve our knowledge on ACE aware and trauma aware approaches

4: To understand how supportive relationships and environments that workforces provide can prevent and reverse harm by building resilience

5: To have confidence to practice trauma aware approaches in your workforce

This training will be delivered by Merseyside Youth Associations RAISE Team face to face. If you have any questions please email

Comments from previous delegates:

”It’s been invaluable. I have a background in trauma informed approaches but am currently implementing a full review in ****, we have lots of work to do and this training will support us in doing that. I want ALL of my staff to do this”

”Honestly, everything was amazing! I have found it so so so useful, and feel so motivated and passionate to use this training to make a difference to how we communicate with the children and young people and parents and carers that we work with. The training is so interesting and so engaging!!”

”The course was packed with so many useful resources, advice and realistic strategies that I can take away and use today. It will inform my practice as a professional but I’ll also use this in my home life for myself and my daughter. This is by far the most informative and enjoyable course I’ve been on in such a long time. Thanks so much.”


The course is FREE of charge for people in/ working in Liverpool. Please contact us to discuss a place if you are out of area.


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