Building Resilience in Children and Young People


08/06/2017 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Merseyside Youth Association Ltd
65-67 Hanover Street Liverpool

Event overview

This training covers:

  • Definitions of Resilience
  • What resilience means for us as individuals and as professionals working with children and young people
  • The importance of Resilience
  • Strategies and practical approaches for building resilience in children and young people specifically using the well-developed and recognised Resilience Framework

Who is it aimed at?

Teachers, Learning mentors, Pastoral heads, Parents & carers, youth workers & school nurses.

Level of Need

(Level 1. Universal Services, Level 2. Additional Need – Multi-Agency Early Help, Level 3. Complex Needs – Multi-Agency Early Help, Level 4. Acute Specialist, Including Safeguarding)

This training is aimed at those working across the levels 1 -4.

What will attendees learn from this event?

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the importance of resilience and how it can be developed in order to counter balance risk factors in a child or young person’s life, which can lead to mental distress.

Attendees will also learn practical strategies for building resilience in children and young people

Any further information 



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