Getting serious about suicide conference


16/09/2019 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Epstein Theatre
Hanover Street Liverpool

Suicide prevention and support for children and young people

This conference is a free event which explores the issues, themes and support in young people and suicide. There will be a range of speakers who will deliver talks on how we can support the prevention of suicides in children and young people, and also supporting families, siblings and friends who have been impacted through death by suicides

During the event, a film produced by Merseyside Youth Association, featuring local young people, will premiere. ‘How Serious is Serious?’ explores the sequence of events in a young boy’s life that lead to him taking his own life, and the people who came into contact with him during this difficult time.

The thought-provoking, powerful film includes interviews from friends and family members, reflecting on the signs they missed and the opportunities to offer support and prevent his death.

The conference will include a presentation exploring adversity in childhood and possible outcomes such as suicide, whilst delegates will watch the launch of a new suicide prevention training programme, ‘Serious’  The ‘How Serious is Serious’ suicide prevention model has been developed by Merseyside Youth Association’s RAISE team, working in partnership with Wirral CAMHS and YPAS which was commissioned by the Child Death Overview Panel.

Young People from St. Julies Catholic High School Liverpool will deliver their performance from this year’s NOW Festival, “Remember Me”

When you’re a child you have an ability to seek fun in a world that is sometimes dark, you take risks and dreams the impossible because you’re a child and that’s what children should do. After a tragic accident, the Willis family were left broken, a shell of their former selves. Watch as Rachel battles through her Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), she could easily give up, become another messed up kid in a messed up family, another statistic, but will she be the success story?


This conference should be attended by members of the children and young people’s workforce as well as those colleagues in Public Health, Health, Education, Police, Criminal Justice and Social Care.

Speakers include:

Professor Louis Appleby CBE – (TBC)

A British Professor of Psychiatry who leads The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health.


Mr André Rebello OBE

Senior Coroner Liverpool & Wirral Area. Hon Secretary Coroners’ Society of England and Wales

All unnatural deaths, deaths of an unknown cause and deaths in State detention are reported to the local coroner who is required to hold an investigation, which includes an inquest. A coroner looks at the circumstances of an individual death with regard to making findings, determinations and a conclusion to register a death. It is from these findings that national statistics are produced. After over 25 years as a coroner, André will speak in support of this work given his experience of dealing with self-inflicted fatalities.


Papyrus – The national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.

‘An Introduction to PAPYRUS’. During this speech we will explore:

  • How big of an issue is suicide?
  • Why we should talk about suicide safely
  • How PAPYRUS can support you



Offers support following a suicide in a range of ways.

  • One to one individual support
  • Help with any media enquiries you may receive
  • Practical support when dealing with the Police or Coroner
  • Help to overcome feelings of isolation
  • Putting you in touch with local services that can help

AMPARO can support anyone affected by suspected or actual suicide. This can be family members, friends or colleagues.

AMPARO means ‘shelter’ or ‘safe haven’ in the Spanish language and offers a discreet and completely confidential service.  We can also support communities, schools and workplaces in the event of a suspected or actual suicide.


Alder Centre

A national service operating a Child death helpline nationally. The Centre takes referrals from anywhere as long as the client can travel. The criteria is they work with anyone affected by the death of a child, of any age no matter how recent or long ago. They also see older parents who have lost an adult child. In siblings work they use the term child to mean anyone whose sibling/friend/etc was 25-years or younger.


NO More Suicide Strategy for Cheshire & Merseyside

Zero suicide is our ambition: to transform cultural attitudes to suicides, for it to be known that suicide is preventable and for behaviours to change.

Joint, collaborative efforts by multiple partners drive our ambition with a focus on inequalities, middle-aged men, children and young people, self-harm prevention and safer care.


This is a joint presentation from Samaritans of Liverpool and Merseyside and the Regional (North West) Education Officer for Samaritans.

The presentation will cover activities undertaken locally by Liverpool Samaritans around outreach and partnerships and an introduction to the work Samaritans are currently doing with schools and young people.


Child Bereavement UK

Will be talking about post-suicide bereavement support in order to reduce the risk of another family member taking their own life and resources they can share about talking to children about suicide.


Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) and Suicide Research

There will be a short presentation on the literature findings of Suicide and Adverse Childhood Experience Liverpool John Moores University Zara Quigg, PhD Reader in Behavioural Epidemiology Public Health Institute Liverpool John Moores University.


James Place

A non-clinical centre for men experiencing a suicidal crisis in Liverpool. The centre is the first of its kind in the UK.

The centre runs on a referral basis only. Visitors have an initial appointment to ascertain the treatment required and will then be offered a tailored service of one-to-one free therapeutic support during their time of need.


Paul’s Place – Beacon Counselling Trust

This unique and much-needed service was launched in Autumn 2017 to provide specialist postvention support to those bereaved by suicide.

They operate a very simple and straightforward referral system, whereby people can either self refer or can be referred to through other organisations.

After an initial assessment with the clinical manager, clients are offered up to 20 free sessions of one to one counselling with fully trained and experienced therapists. They can also attend our weekly drop-in meetings and monthly held group sessions.

This is the only organisation in the Merseyside area to offer such a service.


This event is fully booked. You can register your interest for future events.