REACT: Low Mood


16/01/2025 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Merseyside Youth Association Ltd
65-67 Hanover Street Liverpool

This training consists of attending 1 full day face-to-face training at Merseyside Youth Association.

The 1-day training programme will cover how to deliver the following components:

  • Equipping young people with the psycho-education around low mood and depression.
  • Allowing young people to explore what makes their mood low.
  • Exploring what things can help us when their mood is low.
  • Looking into how low mood affects our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms.
  • Enabling young people to reflect on their learning on how low mood affects them and useful tips and tools going forwards.


In the training you will be provided with:

  • Delivery manual
  • Delivery PowerPoint
  • Delivery Session Plans
  • Activity worksheets / booklet


What is REACT?

REACT has been developed by the MYA RAISE Team to support young people in schools with their mental health and wellbeing.

REACT programmes follow a train-the-trainer model, in which professionals are trained to deliver the programme in their setting, making it more sustainable and easier to manage.

Created initially for educational professionals, the programmes have expanded to include external staff (MHSTs, EMHPs, School Nurses, and YPAS Wellbeing Clinicians) in the training to have a WSA approach to the programme.

Background of REACT:

REACT has been designed in response to feedback from staff members within education who feel that although staff time, capacity, and resources are limited, they’d like more programmes they can roll out that are ready to run with a group of young people that don’t take too much time to prepare.

While developing REACT, we have consulted with young people and pastoral staff members across the city to gather their feedback in shaping this course; the information and resources contained in this course will help you support the children and young people you work with.

How it works:

REACT aims to equip trainers to deliver five sessions across a five week block to a group of around six-ten young people.

The sessions are informed by cognitive, behavioural, and compassion therapy, especially in response to exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns around the specific REACT topic.

Each session is designed to last around 50 minutes, so they can easily be slotted into the school day or adopted in other youth settings.


PLEASE NOTE: REACT training is currently free to Liverpool schools and organisations.

If you are interested in REACT but are outside of the Liverpool area, please contact


For more information on REACT Low Mood, please contact


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