The First 1001 Critical Days: mental health and development from conception to 2 years


06/07/2018 9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Fresh CAMHS Lecture Theatre
Fresh Building, Alder Hey, Eaton Road Liverpool

Alder Hey CAMHS will help you to take a fresh look at the ‘1001 critical days’.  This half-day training will give you a framework for understanding the theoretical background as to why the first 1001 days (from conception to age 2) in a child’s life is so important and critical to social and emotional development. Together, we will explore the importance of early intervention and the impact of perinatal mental health on the infant. We also think about the effects of attachment on baby brain development. You will be able to critically reflect on your own professional practice through group exercises and discussion with colleagues. The final part of the half day will consider the range of clinical interventions with parents and infants that can be accessed via CAMHS, how to access CAMHS consultation and how to refer to CAMHS. The session will be interactive and will create a space to connect with other professionals.

Facilitators: Early Years SIG – Jackie Lunt and Clare Barrie

Venue Details

Fresh CAMHS Building Lecture Theatre on the retained estate at Alder Hey

The Small Lecture Theatre is on your immediate left as you go in and the Large Lecture Theatre is on the immediate right.

Parking is in the main multi-storey car park – £2 per visit


Bookings are closed for this event.