The Online World and Mental Health


18/09/2024 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Who the course is for:  This course is for those working with children and young people (in any capacity), and parents, carers, or those caring for children and young people.

About this course: Delivered by the MYA RAISE Team, this bitesize training provides insight into the current trending social media apps and gaming platforms used by children and young people of different ages and how to protect their mental health while keeping them safe online. Developing platforms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gambling platforms are explored.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Have an awareness of the positive and negative influences social media can have on a child or young person’s mental health.
  2. Have knowledge of the current trending apps and gaming platforms what you need to be aware of.
  3. Have an awareness of developing platforms such as AI.
  4. Increase confidence to have an open conversation about the online world with young people.
  5. Understand the risks of gambling associated with the online world.

Time length: 1 hour

Delivery method: via Zoom. You will receive confirmation and a link to the session from the deliverer via email before the course date.

Delivered by: Mia Magee (



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