Gender Identity

Gender Identity is about how a person identifies with themselves in terms of their gender. A lot of young people can grow up identifying as a boy or girl, as their biological sex and gender identity matches. However, for some people, they may feel like they don’t fit into the male or female category.  Or may feel that their biological sex doesn’t match their gender identity. This may mean that a young person who was born as a biological female may feel that their gender identity doesn’t match that of a female.  Therefore they feel they identify more with the male gender.  Some young people may be questioning their gender or struggling to understand their gender. Others may not identify with a gender or even change between genders.

All of the above is to do with gender identity.

What is ‘Gender Dysphoria’? When a person experiences discomfort or distress because they feel that their biological sex and gender identity doesn’t match up.  You may also see it being referred to as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) or transgenderism.

Common things you may feel with Gender Dysphoria

The first signs of gender dysphoria can appear at a very young age. This can be things such as a child not wanting to wear ‘typical’ boys’ or girls’ clothes. In Addition, they may not want to take part typical boys’ or girls’ games or activities. For a lot of children, this will likely be normal behaviour and may pass with time. However, for those with gender dysphoria, it continues through childhood and into adulthood. Young people with gender dysphoria can feel trapped inside a body. In summary, they may feel their body doesn’t match their gender identity. Due to this, they may feel so unhappy about judgement from society and not express as the gender they assign to.

Where to go for support

THE* (Trans Health Education) Action Youth group is aimed at young people aged 11 -18 who identify as trans, non-binary, or, gender questioning.  Please note that the 11 starting age range is from secondary school.

This will be a relaxed, social space where young people can meet other trans, non-binary, and gender-questioning young people.

No referral is required so young people can be signposted to turn up, and staff will greet, welcome and register them as necessary.

GYRO are award-winning LGBTQ+ groups for young people aged 12-25 who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or are Questioning their sexuality or gender identity. 1 to 1 appointments are available with a worker with an LGBTQ+ specialism for confidential support if you feel groups aren’t right for you.

Note: We use LGBTQ+ to encompass and include all identities across the spectrums of sexuality and gender.

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