31 October 2019

Whole School Approach update

October saw the launch of our citywide Whole School Approach to mental health schools’ pathway for secondary and primary schools.

The pathway model aims to support school staff in identifying the level of support needed for a child or young person, and also guides them as to what support is available. It is another step towards the national initiative to have fully trained mental health leads in all schools and will be utilised by the developing mental health support teams in schools.

In order to further support this, we are launching Whole School Approach schools’ network meetings aimed at supporting designated mental health leads in schools. Our Autumn term meetings can be accessed using the following links (these are only for Liverpool Schools):


Primary Network meetings:

Primary Central

Primary South

Primary North


Secondary Network meetings:

Secondary – Central/North

Secondary – Central/South

Primary Whole School Approach Secondary - Whole School Approach