26 July 2015

Films released to support young people with neurodevelopmental conditions and their families

A Liverpool-based Community Interest Company has launched an initiative that aims to highlight the issues faced by young people living with neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as the daily impact on them and their families.

As a not for profit social enterprise, funded by the NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG), ADDvanced Solutions has produced two short films to raise awareness to the needs of families, taking viewers on an animated journey of a young person living with these conditions. Children, young people, parents and carers living with the daily challenges of neurodevelopmental conditions contributed to the film, sharing their personal experiences including acting and providing the voiceover to the animation.

Vanda Reeves, Director of Community Network Development explained: “Since we began working on the film projects nine months ago, we have consulted with many families living with neurodevelopmental conditions including; autistic spectrum disorder, HFA, ADHD, sensory processing difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, fragile X, communication difficulties, Special Educational Needs and disability. It was fantastic to see everyone come together for the official premier of the films.

“The films complement our aim to support families pre, during and post diagnosis by exploring the neurodevelopment pathway from primary school, throughout high school and beyond into adulthood.”

ADDvanced Solutions offers open access solution focused learning, which means a medical referral or diagnosis is not required to use their services.

“We equip families by empowering them to make the necessary changes to improve their lives. We teach them to better recognise and understand the needs of their families, to adopt appropriate tools and strategies, as well as offering advice on where to go for more support.”

The animation is available on youtube


Dr. Jane Roberts, Clinical Lead for Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Liverpool CCG said:

“Through Liverpool CCG’s Healthy Liverpool programme, we want to ensure that children with complex neurodevelopmental needs are properly cared for. In doing this we are committed to taking a family-centred approach, which is something supported by these films.”

You can find out more about ADDvanced Solutions by visiting the website www.ADDvancedsolutions.co.uk