15 February 2022

Share your CAMHS story and give us your ideas:

Liverpool and Sefton Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural, or mental health difficulties. Aqua (an NHS based health and social care improvement organisation) are working with young people, families, volunteers, and professionals to review and improve access to these services.

We are looking at how professional and service users:
• Find out about the services available.
• Chose the option they did.
• Went about getting help (type of referral and how you made it).
• How long it took to hear back.
• What happens to your referral and how your appointment was made.
• What could you have done to help yourself and others whilst you waited for an appointment.

We would love the opportunity to have a chat about
• Your experience of what happened to you (from start to finish).
• What help you received.
• What would have made it easier to get help.
• Ideas you improve how you got help (phone/video call/ text/web).
• What advice you would give others on how to get help.

Your feedback will be made anonymous and will be given to your local CAMHS team to help deliver the right care, in the right place at the right time.

Chats will be approx. 30 to 45 minutes long.


If you’d like to share your CAMHS experience, at one of our engagement sessions:

Liverpool – Friday 4th March 2022

Sefton – Thursday 24th March 2022

Please contact:

Amanda.Huddleston@nca.nhs.uk 07885 989554



You can also give us feedback any time until March 25th 2022 via this link