The NSPCC work with children, young people and parents.

What is the service?

The service is NSPCC Liverpool.

What do you do?

NSPCC run 3 projects for children, families, and parents under Pressure :

  1. We offer a home visiting parenting programme for substance using parent with a child under 2 years and non accidental head injuries.
  2. Our service runs a joint public health project with Liverpool Women’s Hospital because we want to aim to prevent non accidental head injuries to babies as well as support drug using families.
  3. The NSPCC also runs a group work programme for children living with substance misuse, because we believe this will help the parent to recognise and address the impact of their lifestyle on their children.

Other projects are in development in the near future.

What age group does NSPCC service work with?

We work with ages 1 – 18 years and parents.

Do you work with other family members?

The NSPCC work with other family members but this is only where it is appropriate.

Are you limited to working with people from a specific geographical area?

Yes, Liverpool only.

Who would someone ask for in the first instance when they are contacting NSPCC?

You can ask to speak to the Duty Officer.

What are your opening times?

NSPCC in Liverpool is open 9.00am-5.00pm

Can you be contacted out-of-hours?

Yes, NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000

Do you have appointments outside working hours?


Do you have drop-in facilities?

You can see duty officer at NSPCC without appointment.

Where do you see young people?

At Hargreaves Centre or convenient place.

Do you take referrals directly from children/young people, parents/carers?


If not, how can people refer in to your service?

Professionals and parents or young people can refer.

Who else can make referrals to you?

Other specific programmes of work can refer to us that are described above especially if there are any safeguarding concerns.

What kinds of things do you help with at NSPCC?

As above.

What do you offer?

Work with children and parents to address the impact of substance misuse on children. Parenting programme.

What happens after a referral is made?

We will contact the service user to begin the assessment. We will give consents that will be signed and we will give you information about the service at your first appointment. You will then be offered individual appointments to complete the assessment and a plan will be made between service user and worker to address the issues.

What do you do if a client is not happy with the service?

If a client is not happy about the service provided by NSPCC we will discuss it with them and if it can’t be resolved, we will direct them to the complaints procedure.

What skills do your staff have?

Social work, counselling, direct work with children, play therapy.

Do you offer training in your specialist area?


For more information on the NSPCC please visit our website at NSPCC | The UK children’s charity | NSPCC

Alternatively, if you would like to explore further support, please return to our support page here Support Archive – Liverpool CAMHS