27 September 2018

Wellbeing Clinics to launch across Liverpool secondary schools.

YPAS have begun communicating with key staff in secondary schools across Liverpool in regards to the delivery of weekly Wellbeing Clinics. The Wellbeing Clinics are due to commence by the end of October.

The aim of the Wellbeing Clinics is to improve access to low-intensity support for children and young people presenting with mild mental health difficulties.

“As a Children’s and Young People’s Wellbeing Practitioner, I am really excited for the new provision that will be provided in the schools. It is a service that has been eagerly anticipated and essential for improving access to mental health support for children and young people.” Andria Vasiliou

To make a referral you should contact the designated team member in the young persons school, for general information on the Wellbeing Clinic service you can contact YPAS Community Hubs on 0151 305 2030 and 0151 305 2040.