15 December 2015

Liverpool hosts youth mental health conference

This animation is the shared stories of young people who are on MYA’s Talent Match Program

13 December 2015

Toolkit to help improve children & young people

YoungMinds and NHS England have today launched a new toolkit to help improve children and young people’s mental health.

7 December 2015

Liverpool CAMHS Takeover Day November

Between 16th – 20th November, young people across the Liverpool CAMHS offer and wider partners took part in a series of takeover events where they worked with other young people, stakeholders, and commissioners to have their say about services available to young people.

9 November 2015

Liverpool CAMHS NOW Festival 2016

NOW Young People’s Arts Festival 2016 – Children’s Mental Health Week 

23 October 2015

Liverpool CAMHS celebrates World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day celebrations attracted hundreds of people over the weekend.

9 September 2015

Liverpool CAMHS Partnership Art Workshops Summer 2015

Over summer, young people from across the Liverpool CAMHS Partnership participated in arts workshops with a focus around mental health.

17 August 2015

Mindapples Insight report 2015

The Liverpool CAMHS Offer promote the concept of 5 a day for your mental health, these are the results of 264 people who responded, and with some insight into pupils across schools as to the things they like to do to support their mental health.

26 July 2015

Films released to support young people with neurodevelopmental conditions and their families

A Liverpool-based Community Interest Company has launched an initiative that aims to highlight the issues faced by young people living with neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as the daily impact on them and their families.