24 March 2020

Take part in the Resilience Challenge

Who loves a good challenge?

The RAISE mental health promotion team are calling out for children and young people to take part in their Resilience Challenge.

The challenge will be based on the various elements of the Resilience Framework, which include:

Basics: There are lots of basic things that are really important to us all; things like having enough money to buy food, having a safe and comfortable home and space to live in, and feeling safe. These are all things that help us feel secure and resilient.

Belonging: We all need good relationships and in the main they don’t happen overnight, they have to be worked at and nurtured.

Learning: Learning is not just about the things that we do in school it is about learning about life, and how we can enjoy learning to foster our personality, skills and talents.

Coping: Many young people tell us that they have difficulty problem solving, they say they don’t know the best way to solve problems in life and so young people need support in this area, they may need help learning how to calm down if they are getting anxious, they might need to learn to manage their gut instincts or listen to their head a bit more.

Core Self: This is mainly about your identity and how you view yourself is really important as your build character and gain insight as to who you are, the things you like and don’t like.

How it works:

Throughout March and April, daily tips and tips on how to build resilience in each of these areas will be shared on Instagram.

We’re asking you to share your pictures and videos of how you’re using these tools to manage your mental health during this difficult time.  For example, we’re looking to see how they’re getting exercise and fresh air, ideas for healthy eating, suggestions on how they’re coping.

The best way to share your ideas is to post on Merseyside Youth Association’s Instagram account: MYA RAISE team, and tag #RAISEteam, but you don’t have to be on Instagram to take part; you can also email your pictures or ideas to mentalhealthpromotion@mya.org.uk

Please help, by sharing and spread the word.