25 March 2019

National Schools Neurodiversity Week

ADHD Foundation will launch the UK’s first National Schools Neurodiversity Week in May. The campaign invites every school to simply take a pledge and offer some form of celebration in schools to highlight the intelligence, success and employability of those school children who have special educational needs.

National Schools Neurodiversity Week aims to change the way schools, teachers and other students perceive neurodiverse people, creating a positive perception through assemblies, classes and specially developed learning packs.

The project is supported by the Department for Education, CEOs of national charities and leaders in industry and we will be working alongside local authorities to bring as many schools on board as possible.

What both campaigns have in common is to celebrate the many strengths and advantages that come from thinking differently and perceiving the world differently. Both create engaging, innovative ways to raise awareness, understanding and reduce the stigma, myths and misconceptions associated with having these conditions; demonstrating how and why neurodiverse individuals contribute to our lives, our families and our economy.

How you can your school be involved? 
Our key objectives for the Umbrella education programme are: Challenge the narrow view of intelligence as measured in standardised tests and shine a light on the many successful role models in public life who are neurodiverse (ADHD Autism, Dyslexia, dyspraxia etc) who are hiding in plain sight – the scientists, researchers, university lecturers, Tech pioneers, creatives, entrepreneurs artists, creatives etc who are driving our economy in a technology and innovation led 21st century.

Raise awareness among education providers that 2 out of 5 neurodiverse pupils leave education at 16 never having been identified and ‘enabled’ to achieve their educational potential thus impacting on their employability

Celebrate the gifts abilities and employability of those who are neurodiverse

Reduce the bullying and social exclusion and loneliness of neurodiverse pupils in schools (70% report being bullied & 7 out of 10 exclusions are neurodiverse children)

Launch the Umbrella Project to coincide with the National Schools neurodiversity week May 13th-17th (backed by the Dept for Education).

How schools can encourage children to participate?

Participating costs £350 per school which supplies you with the specially designed 25 Umbrellas and access to the education pack and resources. This sum can be raised through support from local business and parents or funded through school art and enrichment budgets

Encourage children with learning needs to work with their friends to decorate brightly coloured umbrellas, signing their names on them and writing about their gifts, talents and ‘superpowers’ that drawn attention to their ‘ability’

Access our downloadable education packs, film clips, powerpoint presentations and posters for schools to use in school assemblies, lessons and after-school clubs.

Encourage performances of dance, drama, poetry or indeed choirs involving children and their parents

Art and photography projects on the Umbrella and ‘Neurodiversity’.

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For information contact paula.stock@adhdfoundation.org.uk 0151 237 2661.