27 March 2019

Rock Pool – ACEs Recovery Toolkit

An opportunity for professionals to take part in the ACEs Recovery Toolkit Training Programme

Two programme dates: 

25th – 27th  February 2020

27th – 29th April 2020

Venue: Merseyside Youth Association

On completion of the three-day Combined Adult, Children and Young People Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Recovery Toolkit Training Course delegates will be qualified to deliver Rock Pool’s Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme, and the Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme.

About the training
The Adult and Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit programmes can be delivered by trained individuals or agencies who are working with people who have experienced ACEs that have resulted in emotional trauma.
Delegates will be provided with all the information and materials required to run the programmes.

Who should attend this training?
Family support workers, early help workers, domestic abuse workers, health practitioners, health visitors, neighbourhood teams, school nurses, youth workers, housing sector workers, voluntary sector workers, social workers, police, teachers and other health/care professionals.

About the Combined Adult and Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit Programme

  • Rock Pool’s Recovery Toolkit programmes use a trauma-informed psycho-educational model.
  • We facilitate a safe space to ensure learning and promote collaboration. Our training is designed to be strengths-based and skills building.
  • We believe that by giving individuals knowledge we enable them to better understand and deal with their previous experiences.
  • Programme participants are given practical strategies to help them thrive in their daily lives by developing resilience, increasing hope and enabling recovery.

The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit is a 10-week programme that has been written to educate and inform individuals about the impact of ACEs on them and their children if they have them. The programme provides guidance on the protective factors that help mitigate the impact of ACEs, and practical methods for individuals developing the resilience they need for themselves and for their children if they have them.

The Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit is an 8-week programme that uses a combination of creative activities and group working to develop young people’s resilience and give them the opportunity to experience the healing of relational support. It provides information and education that enables children and young people to cope with the adversity they have experienced, (and may do so in the future).

The Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit is written as a complement to the Adults ACEs Recovery Toolkit. It is informed by many of the same therapeutic models and, where possible, is to be run concurrently with the Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit.

Topics covered in the Adult ACEs training

  • ACE research and evidence
  • The ACE screening tool
  • Attachment theory
  • Resilience and protective factors
  • Trauma-informed working
  • How to use the manual to deliver the Programme

Topics covered in the Children and Young People ACEs training

  • Understanding ACEs and toxic stress
  • Overcoming negative automatic thinking
  • Identifying protective factors for building resilience
  • Understanding connectedness and problem-solving
  • Understanding the brain and emotional regulation
  • How to use the manual to deliver the Programme

Outcomes of the training

  • Delegates will understand how ACEs impact on families, children and young people
  • Delegates will be able to use the ACEs Recovery Toolkit Manuals to support families, children and young people and Programme participants

“The training was absolutely fantastic and very well received by everyone. I cannot speak highly enough of the facilitation from Chris and also the fantastic toolkit that you have developed.”
Carol Beddow, Assistant Team Manager, Family Support Service, Hampshire County Council

“It’s changed my life… now I know exactly who I am, who I want to be, and who I can be. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve been through, the programme has helped me realise that with the right help, a bad childhood doesn’t have to define you.”
Programme Participant

What’s included?
This 3-day training course will provide delegates with a comprehensive manual which includes guidance for facilitators, weekly session plans, all handout and materials to run the programme.  Delegates also receive a memory stick with all the programme handouts included & lunch and refreshments throughout the training days.

There is no need to have any previous group work experience to attend this course and run the programme.

Places are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Please register your interest here.