22 April 2022


In response to requests from teachers, Bullybusters have devised a series of sessions designed to tackle male perceptions and female acceptance aimed at young people who are saying things that can be perceived as derogatory, sexist or potentially a hate crime.


For secondary schools: THE WAY WE SAY IT

The aims of the session are to:

  • raise awareness of what we are saying
  • raise awareness of how we say things
  • discuss misogyny and misandry
  • discuss our audience and our surroundings
  • develop self-awareness; recognise behaviours positive and negatively
  • dupport and promote healthy relationships within our school and community
  • discuss prejudices and stereotypes
  • respecting themselves and others.

For primary age Upper KS2 with age-appropriate content called RISE  

The aims of the session are to:

  • promote awareness
  • promote acceptance of all differences
  • raise awareness of hate crimes
  • raise self-awareness and promote empathy with others
  • encourage correction and aim to put things right
  • raise awareness for change and capacity to change
  • respecting themselves and others.

Sessions are available from now but we are booking up fast.

They are 60 minutes long and capacity is up to class size (25)

Please email Bullybusters