If you are a child or young person in crisis, you can call the crisis care line 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0151 293 3577  but you should only present to Accident Emergency Department if you need medical treatment or are struggling to keep yourself safe in the immediate moment.

The Merseyside Youth Association’s RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team specialise in the promotion of mental health and resilience to children & young people.

As a team, they strive to improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health among children and young people promoting the message that “Mental Health is everyone’s business”.


RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team Projects

The RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team’s NOW Festival aims to mobilise schools and youth groups (ages 9-19) to produce a 10-15-minute-long drama/dance/music or filmed performance around a chosen theme centred around mental health.

All performances come together over a four-day festival at the Epstein Theatre in February.

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The ROAR response to Mental Health in Primary Schools is a course which aims to help teachers and staff recognise and address the signs of mental health problems in children. It is a first-line response aimed at equipping front line professionals with the tools to provide early intervention and support to children experiencing mental distress.

The course also recognises the importance of building resilience in children.

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The ‘How Serious is Serious’ suicide prevention model has been developed by RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team –  Merseyside Youth Association, working in partnership with Wirral CAMHS and YPAS.

The programme’s content has been guided by parents of young people who have died by suicide, children and young people’s participation groups and mental health professionals. Its development was funded by the Liverpool CDOP (Child Death Overview Panel) in response to growing concerns about the number of children and young people who end up looking to suicide as the only answer to the difficulties they are facing.

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RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team –  Merseyside Youth Association design and deliver an ongoing programme of training opportunities. Underpinned by therapeutic models, the training is designed to educate and empower professionals, parents and carers as we strive to improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health among children and young people.



Merseyside Youth Association’s RAISE Team in partnership with Liverpool CAMHS Partners has developed an interactive peer mentoring offer for schools and youth groups with a focus on mental health.

Peer Mentoring Course

REACT aims to equip trainers to be able to deliver five sessions across a five week block, to a group of around six young people each time they deliver. The sessions are informed by cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy, especially in response to exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns around anxiety. Each session is designed to last around 50 minutes, and are designed to easily be slotted into the school day, or adopted in other youth settings.


Rocket is a one-day, interactive course aimed at primary aged children to enable them to become resilience champions within their schools.


Listening to the diverse voices of young people from ethnic minorities in relation to their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Merseyside Youth Association worked with Amina Atiq, local Yemeni-scouse writer and activist to deliver engaging art projects that celebrate diversity relating to mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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One of The Liverpool CAMHS Partnership’s aims is to make the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people ‘Everyone’s Business’. In doing so, the RAISE mental health promotion team want to make sure that you, the children and young people, parents and carers and members of the workforce have a say on how services are delivered and get involved with Liverpool CAMHS.

Participation is at the heart of what we do because it’s important that your voices are heard and that they inform the delivery of the Liverpool CAMHS Offer.


Each month, a parents group comes together at MYA. The meetings vary from discussions on a wide range of topics about mental health, support and services to just to catch up and socialise doing activities that are good for your own mental health.

Youth Participation

Nearly everything we do involves the participation of children and young people (up to 25 years) so that young people have a voice around mental health and emotional wellbeing. From planning city-wide events, open mic nights, filming, steering groups, focus groups, workshops, website development and much, much more!