Self Harm Toolkit

This document has been developed as a reference guide for all agencies and practitioners who come into contact with children, young people and their families. It is intended as a guide to supporting children/ young people who have thoughts of, are about to or have self-harmed.

The guidance will support practitioners to keep children safe by outlining:

  • What self-harm is;
  • The triggers for self-harm; and
  • Guidance about what to do when working with young people and children who self- harm.

Agencies and practitioners must refer to the Liverpool LSCB Responding to Need Guidance and Levels of Need Framework to help them in their decision making about the level of need and the most appropriate assessment and interventions, including early help and referral to Children’s Social Care. Where there are serious or complex needs or where there are safeguarding concerns, practitioners should consult with their designated lead for safeguarding and where appropriate make a referral to Children’s Social Care or initiate an Early Help Meeting to co-ordinate support.