24 May 2017

Improving young people’s transition journey from CAMHS to Adult Services (AMHS)

    Alder Hey and Mersey Care have signed up to the Transition National CQUIN

  • WHAT? What does this mean?

Alder Hey and Mersey Care will improve all young people’s transition journey from CAMHS to Adult Services (AMHS)

  • WHY? Why is it needed?

Nationally CAMHS to AMHS transitions are generally poorly planned, poorly executed and poorly experienced. Locally the picture is better but there is room for improvement and we want to ensure that EVERY transition is an optimal transition

  • WHO? Who is involved?

ALL practitioners who are referring and receiving transition cases. The Transition CQUIN CAMHS leads are Jo Potier, Vicky Killen, Phil Laing and Lindsey Marlton. The Mersey Care leads are Phil Laing, Nicky Fearon and John Stevens

  • WHEN? When will it happen?

The CQUIN commenced 1st April 2017 and it is a 2 year project

  • HOW? How will it be monitored and achieved?

The quality of transitions will be audited from case notes. Young people and their families will complete questionnaires regarding their experience pre transition and post transition. Training will be provided to all practitioners.

  • WHAT? What about other transitions?

Alder Hey CAMHS will improve all transitions e.g. stepping down to other emotional, health and well-being agencies including the Liverpool CAMHS partners.