7 December 2021

Suicide Prevention Campaign

Public Health Liverpool, in collaboration with the Liverpool CAMHS – Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust, has launched a city-wide ‘Reach Out Liverpool’ campaign to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

It aims to raise awareness that suicide is preventable and to remove the stigma surrounding suicide – something which prevents people in crisis from reaching out, and those around them from even mentioning the word.



The REACHOUT campaign is made up of three parts:

See the problem – raising awareness of what to look out for, including the signs, behaviours and emotions a person in crisis might be displaying.

Say the words and start a conversation – we have partnered with the Zero Suicide Alliance who offer a 20-minute training video that provides people with the skills and confidence to reach out to someone in crisis.

Signpost to support – providing information on local services that offer 24/7 crisis support.

The campaign also reaches out to people in crisis, encouraging them to speak to friends, family or professionals and letting them know change is possible, and that they can feel better.

The campaign is aimed at two audiences:

1. People who may be concerned about someone who is in crisis or could be contemplating suicide.

The message is to encourage people to reach out and start a conversation with the person they are concerned about. This conversation could save a life. The campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the warning signs thus giving permission to intervene.
  • Increase confidence in what to say and do by signposting to the Zero Suicide Alliance 20 minute training.
  • Raises awareness of services that can provide immediate help

2. People in crisis or contemplating suicide.

This message is to:

  • Acknowledge feelings and encourage people to talk to friends/family/someone they trust and explains how this could change their life.
  • Raise awareness of services that can provide immediate help.

For both audiences, the campaign dispels myths and breaks taboos around talking about suicide and gives information and resources of help available.

How has the campaign been developed?

The campaign has been co-created with:

  • People who have contemplated/attempted suicide
  • People bereaved or affected by suicide
  • The general public
  • Expert subject matters

Where will the campaign be promoted?

The campaign will be promoted in two bursts – Dec 2021 – Jan 2022 and March 2022 – May 2022 and will be promoted via:

  • Targeted digital and social advertising through sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and YouTube
  • Outdoor advertising including billboards, busses, railway stations, phone kiosks
  • Radio advertising plus targeted digital radio and Spotify
  • Promotion of campaign materials in health centres, hospitals, children’s centres, Universities, GPs etc.

 Click here for more information and how to access support.