8 June 2022

First Five Festival – 18th June 2022

What is the First Five Festival?

First Five Festival is a collaboration across the Liverpool City Region (LCR) and a celebration of the early years! The Festival is being delivered by the First Five Collective, a network bringing together charity, voluntary and community organisations that work with families and their children from 0 to 5 years, to raise the profile of the early years across the Liverpool City Region and to amplify families’ voices.

When is the First Five Festival?

Saturday 18th June at Chavasse Park, Liverpool City Centre.

The objectives of the First Five Festival are to:

  • Share messages with parents on good mental health and encourage their children’s language and communication.
  • Provide a fun event for families where they can learn more about the services available to them and their young children in their local area.
  • Carry out some low-level research with parents across the Liverpool City Region on their perspectives of the early years through an online survey and face to face conversations.
  • Launch the First Five Collective network

The First Five Festival will address the themes of early language and communication, good mental health and supporting parents in their role. The First Five Festival messages are encouraging families to take a moment for their children and for themselves. The idea is to share simple and easy ways to look after yourself and engage with your little one.

Key themes for the Festival
1. Early language and communication
Take a moment to….
Chat, play and share stories with your little one

2. Promoting good mental health
Take a moment to…
Look after your wellbeing and your little one’s wellbeing

3. Supporting parents in their role
Take a moment to….
Recognise the amazing job you are doing as a parent

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