20 May 2022

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition: Call for evidence

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition are delighted to have launched a new inquiry on behaviour and mental health in schools. Coalition members have long been concerned that often children and young people get punished for behaviour that is linked to their mental health, and that responses to behaviour like the use of isolation rooms and exclusion can cause further harm.

Through the inquiry, they are keen to explore:
• the links between mental health and behaviour
• how current school policies on behaviour are impacting young people’s mental health
• to understand what role whole school and trauma-informed approaches to mental health and wellbeing can play in improving behaviour, mental health and wellbeing.

They are also keen to gather best practice examples.

The inquiry has been launched with a call for evidence for young people, parents and carers and professionals to share their insights and experience. The call for evidence will be open for 5 weeks and will close on Friday 10th June. More information about the call for evidence and how to access the surveys can be found

Via this link 


We would love for you to share your views and experiences in the call for evidence.

Please do get in touch with charlotte.rainer@cypmhc.org.uk if you have any questions, or if you want to find out more about the inquiry.
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